I don’t know how ya’ll condemn theon greyjoy for killing 2 kids when ned stark was not only willing to str8 up chop theons head of if balon rebelled but also wanted to out cersei’s kids as products of treason which would undoubtedly lead to their death…cat stark has literally sword to kill all of the lannisters including the kids….all of the dorne ladies have talked about killing the lannisters including the kids…arya stark has actually killed 2 children, beaten others, and in cold blood killed a deserter of the nights watch for no other reason than she didnt like what he was doing listen all of your favs are problematic stop shitting on theon

Alright so lets just go through theon greyjoy and why EXACTLY everyone seems to think he “deserved” what he got, why he is “evil”, and why everyone on earth should hate him ever:

1.He’s sexist/a general dick to women

TRUE! this cant be defended but it can be put into context. a) hes 19…hes a 19 y/o raised in a sexist environment w/o a strong female figure in his life like…19 y/o boys raised by mothers in the 21st century can turn out more sexist than theon greyjoy so hes doing pretty okay. b) dude has no control over his life…he cant leave winterfell, he doesnt even control over whether or not he lives or dies. he uses sex to feel in control (not cool, but understandable). c) ‘not a big a dick as you could have been’ award goes to him b/c not only does he never rape anyone (not a very big accomplishment but in the GoT universe im gonna give it to him) he also doesn’t allow his men to rape when assaulting the north (which, again, not a huge accomplishment but considering that its considered the norm in westeros [see: tywin allowing his troops to rape in the sack of kings landing] im gonna give it to him]

2. “He Betrayed the Starks!!!!!!” 

FALSE false false false false. Theon was given to Ned Stark to ensure that his father never rebelled again….theon reminisces several times about his childhood throughout the novels, which reveals not only the unfair way he was treated by men under nedd stark’s command (see: theon beaten for accidentally knocking over old nan when he was a kid) but also that ned stark never treated him even remotely like family…he also states that he always felt the threat death hanging over his head, and keeping him from having close relationships in winterfell. I will allow that he betrayed robb stark as a friend, but betraying a friend in order to support your family and avenge the brothers that were killed by the same family that has kept you as a prisoner with the threat of death looming over your head for the majority of your life is hardly a grievous offense imho

3. “He took Winterfell/harmed people kind to him when growing up in doing so”

Taking Winterfell was like…a fuck up, obviously, because he didnt have the men to hold it and taking it provided no advantage to the iron men…they just couldnt do anything with it at the time…HOWEVER, taking winterfell was a justifiably move when in war- taking control of winterfell was something that anyone attacking the north should eventually be concerned with, considering its basically the capitol. when doing so, he took every measure to limit the loss of life of those living there, something that no other lords in the seven kingdoms seem particularly concerned with (see: the other iron men, lord twin + kings landing).

4. He killed those 2 kids

YEH that was bad…that was bad bad bad bad…HOWEVER, hating theon for that means you literally have to hate all of your other godamn favs too so. List of characters who have no qualms about killing kids: tywin lannister, cersei lannister, jaime lannister (okay sensing a pattern here….), arianne martel, all of the sand snakes, catelyn stark, ned stark, probably others but im tired….so i mean, yeh theon sucks for wanting to kill kids but please dont glorify the starks when literally 3/7 have killed/intended to kill children/innocent people and one has actively devoured and enjoyed human flesh while warged into their direwolf so yeh theons pretty much on par there




Reminder that i wrote the first chapter of a lil fic last night and it would be cool if people checked it out b/c yeh 

its sansa/daenerys and its a bonnie & clyde AU to guns and babes and sex and intrigue 

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tyrell or martell

the books or the tv show

Im not going to lie to you all…if I had a penis i would definitely fuck a watermelon. no question

Reminder that i wrote the first chapter of a lil fic last night and it would be cool if people checked it out b/c yeh 

its sansa/daenerys and its a bonnie & clyde AU to guns and babes and sex and intrigue 

on fanfiction.net and archiveofourown


i don’t think you understand how severely disappointed i am that the ao3 tag Viserys Targaryen/Theon Greyjoy doesn’t even exist

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